Well Thursdays on the schedule are a little less predictable. We've decided we need at least one day of spontinaity, and just through the luck of the draw, Thursday won it! On Thursdays we'll post whatever we feel like!

Today it is a little bit of heaven. I WISH I could say I went out and bought the Pantone paint, but I didn't. We just went to Home Depot with a Pantone swatch and found the closest match! What might you ask is painted such an insanely bright pink? Well, for starters, let's say this color is an Ode to Hampden, it's called Flamingo Pink.... and it lines the insides of the closets in my husband's and my brand new house! We painted the closets pink, for a little element of surprise and whimsy. It just puts a smile on your face. And aside from tying it in to design by choosing colors based on Pantone matches, it reminds me of an envelope liner. See how I did that? Enjoy!