This is one of those things that I have had for years, and yet EVERY time I see it, my heart just smiles. I LOVE it. I really do. And the funny part about that is, I don't have any idea who these people are, I don't know their stories, and I have no sentimental attachment to them - yet this frame, their pose, the slow fade to yellow of this photograph, I don't know where I would be without it. We moved this weekend, and I went back to the old house this morning to do another walk through, and there is was, all by itself on the back of the door, a tiny little 3 inch frame, holding it's own in an empty house. It felt quiet, and calm, and somewhat sad. Until I packed them up in crinkled white tissue paper, and set them gently on the passenger seat of my car, to make the journey to our new house, to find their perfect spot, to keep watch over our lives here, as if they were my grandparents. I will carry them around the house with me, trying them in different places, until they find their new home.

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