until we meet the new little one! Ah, the shower was a blast. I had so much fun making tissue paper poms, cooking, baking, planning, decorating. Can't wait to meet the littlest Harper! A full post on the stationery details coming relatively soon :)


Final stationery set for Red Tree, a best in baltimore winner for the 3rd year in a row! Included in the set are business cards, jotters, imprintable signs/large notes, and a store postcard that can be mailed or included in with a gift.


I'M GIDDY - made by hank

I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these little dears in my new mailbox! Yesterday, they came. I can't tell you enough how much I adore them, and all of the work that Katie Henry does! Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper introduced me to Made By Hank, Katie's line of impeccably sewn bags, and I'm hooked. Her packaging is simple and to the point, it makes you feel like you are opening a present from an old friend, and her little tags with plastic animals and lace, come on, so cute! Great as a gift for yourself or for a friend, and they come in lots of sizes. PS - Katie's customer service is spectacular. Hurry up and buy a bag, her etsy shop is almost out, but don't worry, she restocks often.



Can you even believe the sweet girls at Amy Butler wrote to us after seeing our inspiration post? They wanted to see the resulting invite inspired by the pretty prints I posted here These are baby shower invites for the lovely Rachelle (the amazing owner/designer here at Chellé Paperie)! I'm honored to be a partner and designer here at the studio, and even more honored to host this shower and design the paper-goods to go with it. The invites got a little crazier than I originally expected, but I knew that what I wanted to take from the Amy Butler inspiration was the feeling of summer florals. It's always interesting to see where an idea takes you...


Oh, how I miss you, Maine. I just got back from the most beautiful place. Lakeside in Maine, 30 minutes from Portland. It's no secret that the Paperie has been a little crazy this year, with the never-ending move, and with R having baby number 2 (countdown a few more weeks!) and with all the new business stuff we're working on. Needless to say, a week in Maine was just what I needed to clear my head, re-focus, and get even more excited about the work awaiting me upon my return! Ok, so I did work on vacation too - I go a little crazy with TOO much relaxing :) Anyway, please excuse the lazy summer posting on this blog. Vacation is over now, let's get back in the swing of things! First image is a selection of polaroids I took of the lake, the second is the beautiful mica that washes up on shore.