Oh, how I miss you, Maine. I just got back from the most beautiful place. Lakeside in Maine, 30 minutes from Portland. It's no secret that the Paperie has been a little crazy this year, with the never-ending move, and with R having baby number 2 (countdown a few more weeks!) and with all the new business stuff we're working on. Needless to say, a week in Maine was just what I needed to clear my head, re-focus, and get even more excited about the work awaiting me upon my return! Ok, so I did work on vacation too - I go a little crazy with TOO much relaxing :) Anyway, please excuse the lazy summer posting on this blog. Vacation is over now, let's get back in the swing of things! First image is a selection of polaroids I took of the lake, the second is the beautiful mica that washes up on shore.