Dear Blog Friends,
We have been very busy and have neglected you. We're sorry. It's wedding season as you know, so posting might be lighter than usual around here. Thanks for your understanding and for checking back for updates! The picture above is of a little project that we are finishing up this week. Stitched paper labels on my very favorite linen. We'll post more pictures of those in the coming weeks.



My dear friend Jodi recently proposed that we start a rotating supper club, and she went about planning it, and got us all organized so that we could have our very first dinner last night! Jodi made the appetizers, Rachelle brought drinks, I made the main course, Mary Laurel did the side dish and Kohli made dessert. Whoever gets the main course, hosts, so I was happy that most of the flowers from my arrangement (3 weeks ago) were still going strong! I rearranged them in mason jars, threw some fabric on the table, and called it done. It was absolutely wonderful to spend time in the company of creative, enthusiastic, foodie girlfriends, and I can't wait for the next one! Oh, and why is this filed under inspiration? Because I am planning to make adorable little recipe cards for us each to fill out for our contribution each month. That way, everyone goes home with 4 new recipes, and the plan for an entire meal!



I love that Little Stella had a fondness for poodles and that we were able to make this second birthday party invitation both sophisticated and fun! These are from last year, but I just came across them today and realized I had not featured them before.  We do a lot of wedding invitations at the paperie, but we love that we also get to work on projects like this light-hearted design. Pink poodles and girly type - what is not to love?



These are menus, escort cards and table numbers we designed as part of our ornamental vine invitation suite. They are featured in the current issue of Baltimore Bride as part of a tablescape we styled for their piece One Venue Three Ways. For more information about these or other day of stationery, contact the Paperie today. Happy weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine!



I've been printing for about 7 years now, and have been collecting little presses along the way. The big one is 9x13 inches and is my go to press. I  just sold the little one on the left, and the black one is just for being cute. I'm excited to have just met someone who may be able to sandblast and repaint the little beast for me, and I am thinking a high gloss cream or really pale pink would be AMAZING! Here at the Paperie, we're gearing up to letterpress all of our new corporate stationery and business cards, and I am getting excited to mix up inks and try them out! 


Wedding Photography : Brian Tropiano

Since photography is a love of mine, second only to stationery, I like to feature beautiful wedding photography on the blog when I get a chance!  It was my pleasure to meet with Brian yesterday. He's a friend of a friend and he's on his way to Haiti for two weeks. It was nice to talk with him about the work he'll be doing there, and the work he does as a wedding photographer based in DC. You can take a look at his website and blog for more images from weddings he's been shooting.  All the photos above are from his blog. I just love the portrait of the bride and groom on the marshes!  


Yesterday was such a treat! I got to go to a floral arranging class offered by Shawn at The Floral Studio! It was Mia's birthday so as her gift, I took her along. We spent the afternoon visiting with the other class members and each other, snacking on grapes and cookies, and making these seriously beautiful centerpieces. Shawn and Debbie were so patient with us as almost everyone in class was a complete novice. We learned techniques for cleaning and prepping the flowers all the way to the finishing touches to make our arrangements perfect. It was a really great way to spend a winter day and it got me really feeling inspired about spring and all the upcoming weddings we're working on here at Chellé Paperie. The Floral Studio is going to start offering the classes for sign up once their new site goes live, but Mia and I were discussing how fun it would be to email Shawn and just get together a bunch of your girlfriends or bridesmaids and have a private class. If you love flowers, I can't recommend her classes enough!

The Sweetest Occassion

This is just a quick post to send you over to Cyd's great blog The Sweetest Occasion to read about Rachelle's shower again, and all the other weddings, showers and parties she features.  The Sweetest Occasion is a great source of inspiration for decor and parties all around, and we're really excited to be in such good company! Thanks, Cyd!