Ok, now I don't usually do a straight up plug like this, but I'm doing it now for a few reasons... one because I have known Kohli for years. We both went to MICA, and over the past few years Kohli has become a really wonderful client and friend. We designed her wedding invitations, calling cards, and now the identity for her jewelry business. In each of these projects, she's been a blast to work with. 2 - her jewelry is gorgeous, and beautifully made, and original. It's not girly or fussy, or any of that. It's well edited, constructed, and suited for any style. You can wear these with jeans and a tshirt or your favorite cocktail dress (ps - I wish I could say I had one of those). And 3 because I took these photographs, and they make me happy. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you hop on over to K.Flick Studio to get your favorite girlfriend something fabulous this Christmas. And yes, she does do custom! Think spectacular gifts for your bridesmaids! Ok, all for now, back to work. Congratulations, Kohli!


Cocktails for Christmas

I hope that none of the people who are getting these will be reading my blog. I just couldn't wait to post these since they are oh so cute! I love to throw little parties, and even more I love to make party invitations! These are simple and small, and don't cost a ton of money. It's all over the internet today that a dollar spent on design is worth more in return than a dollar spent for technology or other things. Invitations set the tone for your party. And if you want to have a memorable one, send a memorable invitation. Don't know if you noticed, but my favorite part of this set is the beer bottle label. There is a penguin with a crown hiding in there! Up next my overdue post with little thanksgiving invitations!



Here's a pretty new grey bud to add to the bunch! I've just finished dying some really soft silvery grey and a fresh light pink, so new fabric flowers will be in the shop soon! This one is actually attached to a haircomb, so it tucks perfectly in around your bun or ponytail! Measures about 4 inches wide. They're all custom dyed burberry linen, wool felt and assorted vintage buttons!  These will also be available for sale at the Handmade Mart coming up this December 5th in downtown Silver Spring, so if any of you are in the DC area, come on out! We'll have stuff from the Paperie, Chapeau Co. (that shop I just set you to) and K.Flick Studios. It's going to be a really fun event, so we hope you'll stop on by! More details coming soon! 


Oh how we LOVE Snippet & Ink!

We were so excited to see Mia's wedding featured today on Snippet & Ink.  Check out all the beautiful detail shots and links to some of our very favorite vendors, The Floral Studio and A. Bryan Photo
I should probably mention that we did all the lovely paper details and you might remember all the craft nights and paper parasols from a while back! Congratulations, Mia and Christian! 



We're featured on Daily Candy's wedding guide today for our spectacular custom wedding invitations! It's an honor to be included! Read the full post here



This is one of my all time favorite invitations. These pictures are of the mock up. They were custom built hardbound covers with the invitation mounted inside, and a clear slip that holds the reply and travel info. They have a super cute custom bunny and woodlands theme and are tied up securely with a real twig from the backyard then tucked safely into a custom wrapped chocolate boxed stuffed with floral nesting material. No, the design did not stop there (but I have no pictures) we did custom stamps and guest addressed mailing labels for the outsides of the boxes. I wish every job could be so involved. This was a LOT of handwork and production. We were covered in PVA for at least 2 weeks. And I can't even tell you how much of that nesting material worked it's way all around the studio and into our homes! But, it was a blast, and a beautiful invitation.



I got married just about this time last year (my anniversary is coming up next weekend!) and if you saw my wedding on snippet and ink you can see the low down on how we did the whole thing for under $5000. I'm very fortunate to know a lot of people in the industry, and very fortunate to have family and friends who were willing to pitch in a lot of time and energy into making our wedding a super fantastic time. but anyway, back on track... I made my flower bouquet, out of flannel and felt, and I LOVED making it. So much so, that I have been crafting away in my spare time, and I am finally ready to put these out in the world. The bouquets measure about 11 inches wide, with a sturdy 8 inch stem. Bridesmaid blooms are 9 inches wide, and flower girl blooms will be 6 inches. They are handcrafted out of custom dyed overstock burberry linen, quality wool felt, and can have their leaf embroidered with your initials, or wedding date! The slightly smaller flower is a pretty white peony bloom that will (along with many others just like it) line the center of long rectangular tables for floral decorations at a winter wedding. And the small blooms are going to be pins, hairpieces, bouteniers, and other options coming soon. Right now, they are available through Churchtown Chapeau Co. If you are interested in ordering fabric flowers for your wedding (or any other celebration) shoot me an email! 


We are excited to partner with Garnish to offer beautiful, affordable, and custom designs for all your stationery needs! Our goal is to offer design options that you can make your own; simply and cost effectively. Our house paper is a thick 100% cotton stock, milled responsibly with wind power. Our envelopes are made with at least 30% post consumer waste, so you can be assured that your paper products are both high quality and eco-friendly. Pop on over to Garnish to browse the full collection!

CORPORATE ID : Garnish Boutique New Website!

It's no secret that we love Garnish Boutique, so we could not be happier to let you all know that today marks the launch of their new website and blog! We've worked closely with Mia and updated the look to feel more grown up, prettier, lighter, more fun! Thanks to Make Things Studio for bringing the new site to life! More to come on the Garnish front in the next few posts!



Rachelle and I work together on a lot of projects, but sometimes for personal projects (like this outstanding invitation for her little boy's 2nd birthday party) we like to keep secrets from each other. That way, it is still exciting to get your own in the mail! I was so excited when this arrived that I almost tore the whole envelope in half before I remembered to chill out and take some pictures to share with all of you! I cannot wait for the party, I'll be helping Rachelle with lots of decorating, planning and baking, so we'll be sure to post pics after the event!


Lonny Mag goes live!

This pretty much makes my morning. Chock full of great interior design, beautiful photography, charming illustrations and elegant digital design (check out how many viewing options you have... I recommend full screen) Lonny Mag does not disappoint. In other news, I have been CRAZY busy with a little renovation of my own. I know you think this is the longest move ever, and believe me, I do too... but the new studio is *cross your fingers* almost done! I have all the 1980's built in desks torn out, carpet pulled up to reveal beautiful wide planked wood floors, paint picked out, some pretty new chairs, the list goes on and on. All we need now is for our little half wall to be built and then the decorating begins! I can't wait to share pictures of the new space, nor can I wait to invite you all over to see it. You've been patient, but I think you will see, it's going to be worth it!



Ilse Riebe from San Francisco! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Survey. Your thoughtful answers will help us in planning for our new projects and product lines. We really appreciate the time you each took to enter. We had a lot of fun doing the give-away and can't wait to work with Ilse on what she wants her custom stationery to look like. We'll post pictures of course when it is completed! And because we had so much fun, we're thinking of doing another give-away a little closer to the Holidays... We'll keep you posted!



Just wanted to mention that personal stationery is an AWESOME gift to give each of your girls! You can coordinate it with your wedding stationery or get something that suits each one of your girls best! In honor of our love of Bridesmaids (and Brides), we are working on a really cool project with Garnish Boutique set to launch in the next two weeks. I can't let you in on the secret just yet, but the second that I can, it'll be posted here!
Happy Weekend!


Super 8 inspiration (A Bryan Photo)

Did I mention that I LOVE the work that these guys do. They just shot Mia's wedding a few months ago, and trust me, it is worth scrolling through all the pictures, it was GORGEOUS! Here is the Super 8 film of one of their own (Branden and his pretty bride Lindsay) getting married. It was shot by Rob Culpepper. And it is magical and touching, perfectly edited and set to music. If I had known about them last year, I would have hired them and scrounged together every penny that it took to get my wedding shot on super8. The scene of them all praying before the ceremony is really powerful. Here is the link to their blog post on the film with links to Rob's site and to purchase the song used in the film. Ok, enjoy!

Lindsey & Branden 8mm from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.



Inspired by Vane at Brooklyn Bride and her annual reader survey, we decided it was about time to launch the survey we've been working on for a while around here. In an effort to better serve past and future customers, we are looking for some feedback from you all, our loyal friends, customers, and readers. So whether you’ve been married for 30 years or are just beginning to plan your wedding now (and whether you ordered your invitations with us or not), please take a moment to fill out our survey for a chance to win.

Survey results are due in by September 16th & a winner will be chosen randomly from the list of entrants. The prize will be a set of custom personal stationery with printed and lined envelopes valued at $350.00

To get started, please click begin survey below. Thank you in advance for your participation!




until we meet the new little one! Ah, the shower was a blast. I had so much fun making tissue paper poms, cooking, baking, planning, decorating. Can't wait to meet the littlest Harper! A full post on the stationery details coming relatively soon :)


Final stationery set for Red Tree, a best in baltimore winner for the 3rd year in a row! Included in the set are business cards, jotters, imprintable signs/large notes, and a store postcard that can be mailed or included in with a gift.


I'M GIDDY - made by hank

I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these little dears in my new mailbox! Yesterday, they came. I can't tell you enough how much I adore them, and all of the work that Katie Henry does! Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper introduced me to Made By Hank, Katie's line of impeccably sewn bags, and I'm hooked. Her packaging is simple and to the point, it makes you feel like you are opening a present from an old friend, and her little tags with plastic animals and lace, come on, so cute! Great as a gift for yourself or for a friend, and they come in lots of sizes. PS - Katie's customer service is spectacular. Hurry up and buy a bag, her etsy shop is almost out, but don't worry, she restocks often.



Can you even believe the sweet girls at Amy Butler wrote to us after seeing our inspiration post? They wanted to see the resulting invite inspired by the pretty prints I posted here These are baby shower invites for the lovely Rachelle (the amazing owner/designer here at Chellé Paperie)! I'm honored to be a partner and designer here at the studio, and even more honored to host this shower and design the paper-goods to go with it. The invites got a little crazier than I originally expected, but I knew that what I wanted to take from the Amy Butler inspiration was the feeling of summer florals. It's always interesting to see where an idea takes you...