Ok, now I don't usually do a straight up plug like this, but I'm doing it now for a few reasons... one because I have known Kohli for years. We both went to MICA, and over the past few years Kohli has become a really wonderful client and friend. We designed her wedding invitations, calling cards, and now the identity for her jewelry business. In each of these projects, she's been a blast to work with. 2 - her jewelry is gorgeous, and beautifully made, and original. It's not girly or fussy, or any of that. It's well edited, constructed, and suited for any style. You can wear these with jeans and a tshirt or your favorite cocktail dress (ps - I wish I could say I had one of those). And 3 because I took these photographs, and they make me happy. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you hop on over to K.Flick Studio to get your favorite girlfriend something fabulous this Christmas. And yes, she does do custom! Think spectacular gifts for your bridesmaids! Ok, all for now, back to work. Congratulations, Kohli!