Just taking a break from printing to pick and photograph peonies. Mid-June the move will be done, boxes will be unpacked, and blogging will be back on schedule. For now, we're pulling late nights and early mornings.... thanks for your patience, be back soon!



Moving is really hard, and really time consuming. And we are still working like crazy on all the reception pieces for all our remaining May and June brides. I hate to miss blog posts, but in reality it might be spotty here for the next few weeks. I appreciate you all sticking with us through the crazy times and the move! Can't wait to show you the new space and fill you in on the details of who we'll be working with! Really exciting changes ahead. Photos are of our "inspiration board" (or 9 foot accordian fold banner) for the new space.


FROM THE DESK OF... Press Samples

Bride Magazine requested some work from us this week. Here it is all packed up, ready for it's modeling debut!



Well, we're moving, it's official. To a little loft, in a small stone building. Sounds magical, I know. So now we are dreaming up what to do in the space, what the consultation space will look like, and how our office will be arranged. This picture is a thought for our consult space, and soon, I'll post office love... picture by Photographer Malin Ngoie, found on absolutely beautiful things



Oh, apologies for my first missed post in 3 weeks! I'm going to miss another today... Why? Because we are packing up the studio and MOVING! So exciting. We've closed our retail store (last month) and we are focusing 100% of our efforts on our custom invitations and design these days, and are looking forward to all the changes ahead. Look for some beautiful moving announcements in the next few weeks. In the mean time, please forgive our lack of posts yesterday and today. We'll be back in full swing with an inspiration post on Monday. I've attached a little bit of eye-candy for your viewing pleasure, but it is sunny today and friday! Go buy some flowers and enjoy the day!



Today has been a busy day - working on a ton of reception stuff for multiple spring weddings, and also in the midst of corporate ID projects, including our own! Tune in the next few weeks to see what kind of paper goodness we are working on for Red Tree, but in the mean time, here is a little idea we are playing around with for our own business cards / calling cards / appointment cards / jotters. It is true, I MIGHT just be obsessed with glassine!



A few years back we had a bride getting married on Cinco de Mayo in Miami! This really was a fun project. We did tons of research and created art that mimicked traditional mexican wedding paper-cuttings. The bride and groom wanted a booklet to house all the different cards that needed to be sent and we custom built the booklet, with wrapped chipboard covers and a custom converted pocket, all built by hand. We had a lot of fun, and on a rainy Cinco de Mayo like today, we just wanted to share a little brightness and cheer!


This is a corporate ID project we are working on currently, in the live proof stage. It's also a sneak peek for next week's corporate ID feature. There are a few changes being made to the final proof before it goes into production!
Also, in honor of Cinco De Mayo, in just a little bit, I'll be featuring a wedding invite we did a few years back. Stay Tuned.



So we are spending some time re-working our business collateral as we shift our focus away from the retail store and back to life as a full time custom design studio. If you haven't visited Daily Poetics business card set on Flickr yet, be prepared to lose yourself in some of the most beautiful (and sometimes funny) business cards of all time. We were honored to be included (with our old cards of course) last year. All photos are from Daily Poetics photostream.



I love personal stationery. I love to make it, to write on it, and to give it as gifts. It is such a little luxury in life. Everyone should have some!