Super 8 inspiration (A Bryan Photo)

Did I mention that I LOVE the work that these guys do. They just shot Mia's wedding a few months ago, and trust me, it is worth scrolling through all the pictures, it was GORGEOUS! Here is the Super 8 film of one of their own (Branden and his pretty bride Lindsay) getting married. It was shot by Rob Culpepper. And it is magical and touching, perfectly edited and set to music. If I had known about them last year, I would have hired them and scrounged together every penny that it took to get my wedding shot on super8. The scene of them all praying before the ceremony is really powerful. Here is the link to their blog post on the film with links to Rob's site and to purchase the song used in the film. Ok, enjoy!

Lindsey & Branden 8mm from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.