By now, most of you know that we sew, and that we are willing to print on pretty much anything under the sun, and I bet you even saw a sneak peek of these a few months back, but since I have found a little tiny block of time (when I should really be sleeping) I'm going to try to get a few projects up on the blog. This was a really fun, really challenging project. Sky Blue Events came to us with the idea of an old school subway map as their jumping off point, and when they told me they were doing subway token candies as favors, I immediately knew the tiny custom printed silk bags were the way to go. I designed the layout based on the historical typography of the map they were using as the base of their design, and we kept the color palette super simple. These custom favor bags are 100% dupioni silk, printed flat and stitched into these lovely little bags. I could not be happier with the results.


  1. this is seriously gorgeous, and you're so talented! i am pea green with envy!